TweakTown Reviews Watts Up? Meters!

We always love hearing what users have to say about their experiences with our products. The guys over at TweakTown have given us a review – follow this link below to take a look!

TweakTown: Watts Up? Pro, Pro ES, and .Net Power Meter Review


Buy a Watts Up? Meter for the Holidays!

Is Dad always yelling at you to turn off the TV, or shut off the lights? Does he tinker at the workbench in his free time?

The Watts Up? Meter is the perfect gift. It’s useful for troubleshooting appliance issues around the house. Or finally determining what’s been making the energy bill so high!

Take a look at our products and get the perfect Holiday gift today!

Household Energy Hogs

Why is my electric bill so high?  There can be many reason you see a spike in your electric bill. Investigating the source of the consumption can be tricky.

If your electricity bill is high, it’s possible that one of your appliances is on it’s last legs. The worst offenders are typically anything with a motor or a pump. Refrigerators, air conditioners, sump pumps, and space heaters, are all items to review. Sometimes, it’s not what you expect either. Customers have found a leaky toilet to blame! Even though your toilet doesn’t use electricity, your water pump does!

The Watts Up? Meter can tell you how much electricity each of your appliances are using. Enter the cost per kWh you pay, it will even tell you the cost per month of operation.

A Meter for 240V Applications

Since the US typically runs 120V to any household or business, equipment to service your 240V needs can be hard to come by. The Watts Up? line of meters are offered in a Universal Outlet (UO) configuration which can handle up to 250V!

The line-in power cord, and the outlet are interchangeable on UO models. We offer a variety of outlet types ranging from US plugs to Europe, UK, and Australia.

Bench Top Electricity Meter

Many universities, OEMs, and other institutions use Watts Up? Meters for laboratory bench testing. Many lab benches are laden with Digital Mulitmeters and oscilloscopes. In most cases the simplicity of a Watts Up? Meter can save developers on time and money. Since our meters are far less expensive than traditional equipment, a laboratory can budget more of them. This means no more waiting in line to use instrumentation.

Watts Up? Meters also offers RealTime Data Software for your bench top computer. This allows the user to stream data in real-time to their screen in both tabular and graphical form. Our software also allows the user to auto save data, or issue alarms for high or low value warnings. The combination of a Watts Up? Pro Meter and RealTime Software can be extremely useful in the bench top environment.

Link: Looking deeper into energy efficiency of Cloud Storage

Hey – if you are a Technical IT guy or gal – you should check out this article (click on link above) from Florida International University.  They did a nice study on how to save energy using Solid State Drive (SSD) caching.  They are using a Watts Up? Pro to measure the energy consumption of different set ups.  They could of also used ThinkTank’s CloudPOWER server rack solution. 

Anyways – good article for IT tech-folks.